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At ClimateCare, we provide energy-efficient and eco-friendly systems designed to last and save you money. Our primary considerations are your "Comfort Costs" designed with our "Premium Brand" equipment. With over 25 years experience in air conditioning system design, our installation and extensive electrical and control systems experience will exceed your expectations.

Our installations are considered the finest in quality with attention to detail. We employ factory trained, certified installers and service technicians. We are locally owned and operated, as well as fully licensed bonded and insured.

This site also contains information to help you become an informed consumer when it comes to your home's heating and cooling systems. Not only will you learn how these systems work, but also how to shop smart and protect your investment. We also provide links to government rebates and incentives, as well as information about energy efficiency, health and sustainable energy practices.

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction during every transaction. Remember, when comparing services of any kind, your dollar should buy as much quality as possible.

Reese V. Dennis

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"Not only was Climate Care on-time and on-budget, but I started to see cost-savings on my new Heat pump almost immediately!"Recent Cusomter